welcome to the

Rabbit hole of Angienala 

(aka KAIAN)

deepest secrets.


KAIAN, HOI, born in Macau. Never learnt how to speak in authentic self, so you can see her doing all kinds of stuff: sets up fences, creates a path, escapes with fake answer, mixes with alike objects. Audience don’t know how to find the true artist, therefore they decide to believe this confusing teenager is her character. But her work is actually straight forward, she wanted to talk about vulnerability, authenticity and emotional related philosophical questions: why do we want to be liked? Why can’t we truly reach each other? How can a secret die?

: Can you guess why she loves to ask questions when talking to others?......

She then tried every way to hide: painting, installation, sound, performance and immersive experience. Looking normal, but she is interested to make work in a way that it provides a spectacularly non-spectacle view to the audience but actually the “real work/message” is hidden within.

And because of her hobby of hiding, she keeps a suspicious attitude towards everything, social constructivism is her belief, and under the pressure of biopolitics, she feels even more about to keep a secret.  

However she also holding a believe we could learn to show, like and dislike ourselves, so that we can finally see each other heart to heart.

: And yes, asking questions can avoid others asking questions, another way of hiding.