Vulnerability:Why do we want to be liked?

In the work, Suffer from likability, I explored the importance in contemporary of being likeable, which progresses by the overuse and overflow of social media and information.

Suffer from realness exhibition

Heart sign, symbolises affection and love. Originally represent heart-shaped fruits, start its romance-related symbolisation from 13th century. In contemporary, the usage of a heart( or “like” in social media ), slowing transform its meaning and perform like a new currency of itself: a trade for popularity. Even though in social network, “I like you” has always been a way to maintain relationships. The whole mechanism condensed into one simple symbol, accelerated the satisfactory from fame but weak the link between people. The more heart/like one received, the more emotionally secure one is. The feeling of safety, confidence and precious is delusionally enforced by these loves.

Why do we want to be liked by others? Because of vulnerability, which also related to fear, shame, mistake. When we feel vulnerable and tend to conceal it, because of the mind engraved projection of the emotional strong giant. But to reveal it, people can find that everyone is the same with similar feelings.

“I secretly want everyone likes me. ”

A simple confession, everyone to like me is twisted to everyone likes me, intended to give two meanings:

I secretly want everyone to like me.

I secretly want everyone be like me.

Admitting vulnerable is a way to connect our authentic self. As suggested by Dr Brené Brown in her famous speech of The Power of Vulnerability,

"the word I use to describe people who can live from a place of vulnerability is wholehearted."

Brené Brown

Therefore I want to bring an “positive looking” message in my work, yet at the same time showing the present of vulnerable power.

On the contrary, the work rubbishme explore the unlikable side of people, and how it demonstrates the “intentional disgrace” to oneself, in order to be liked. It’s another tactic.

Will aliens want to be loved?

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