Authenticity (distance between you and me)

“I want to tell you my secret but I can’t.”

With the use of special clothing decided by the artist, performance by the audiences is required; while the work only existed with the presents of audiences.

The work Look in concerned with social relationships of authenticity between individuals or collectives. One audience put on a special T-shirt with a long black fabric tube sewed on starting from the position of one’s heart; while the other audience put his/her head into the other tube end, and the tube must be fully stretched to reveal the heart shape hidden inside the T-shirt of the tube end. The audience putting the head in may need to squat down. The performance shows a difference in position and power.

When “putting your head into someone’s heart”, you are contributed yourself to a trusting relationship and in believe of receiving the same amount of effort from the other person. But as a vulnerable individual, we are not always confident enough to give all of ourselves to others, even though they are fully committed to us. This sentimental distance of “fake intimacy ” is illustrated by the length of the fabric tube between two audiences.

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