Before I shut down

Before I shut down

Hoi Ka Ian


: I wanted to cry out loud, but my mother told me to stay strong.

: Therefore I shut down, glued my vocal cord.

: My stomach then hummed about its hunger, I punched, it stopped.

: A micro chip speaker appeared, begged me to rescue.

: I refused and

: with little body language

: try to make it understands the important of silence.

: It seems not understand and jumped into my mouth.

: I tried hard to drown it with saliva but all the glue refused to do so.

: The speaker seems not bothered with the high temperature of my body.

: It has been staying for almost 7 years, only vibrates when I feel sad.

: My mother left, that night was dark.

: Then the speaker spoke,

: “I am fine, thank you. And you?”

: It said, and I am really happy that it helped.

: I think this is the greatest solution.

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